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Has Lil Wayne Fell Off?


Whether Lil’ Wayne fell off or not is obviously an opinion, but the fact remains that he has kept his name in the game for a couple decades now.  He’s been consistently dropping verses in features when he isn’t dropping Mixtapes, or when Birdman isn’t holding his album hostage ( Wayne Suing Label for $51 million dollars )


I’ve heard a variety of opinions on Lil’ Wayne, from “He fell off” to ” I like his mixtapes better”.

In my opinion, Wayne has gone through many phases during his music career, when it comes to the type of music he makes.  I prefer the type of Lil’ Wayne that makes meaningful, introspective, positive, songs  like “Tie My Hands”, which was dedicated to the New Orleans’ Flood Victims (Which is his hometown)

… and even sometimes I’m in the mood for  the type of Wayne that makes a “F**k you, I made it, and I’ll throw it in your face” type of music, like A Milli.

What I’ve noticed about Wayne’s music is, no matter what he’s talking about in his music, he always does a good job of creating a “theater of the mind” for the listener, and I can appreciate that.  He also always has very witty puns in his punchlines, that even I, as attentive as I am to lyrics, miss the first time. He always has a few double entendres in his music and sometimes even triple entendres. (See examples below)

“Real G’s move in silence like lasange”


“That’s my M.O., add a B to that shit”

  • M.O. = Modus operendi, the way he does things
  • M.O.B. = his mob (Young Money crew)
  • B could mean his blood crew also
  • Money Over Bitches, his motto that he lives by

What is your opinion on Lil Wayne? Take the survey below

Your Opinion on Wayne?

Broadcasting’s Relationship with News

Broadcasting has been impacting the world for centuries (yes, plural!).  Dating back to 1897, when K.F. Braun invented the cathode-ray tube.

Cathode Ray Tube



Broadcasting Timeline

At first, broadcasting was only possible through radio wavelengths, until the Television was invented.

Today, live news is delivered to us all day every day, mainly using Television or Radio… In my opinion, the digital age is replacing the way we receive news, it is more convenient when a story related to your interests, pops up in your phones’ notifications.

Each station that broadcasts the news, will subtly convey their own opinion alongside the story, which influences the audience that listens to that station.


My 3 Passions

I am very passionate about 3 general things in life, which is very obvious by now.  Allow me to go more into depth about these topics to explain why I’m as passionate as I am.





I like to share news is to keep people informed.  I usually try to share news stories that I feel should be more highlighted than others because people are usually distracted by celebrities or gossip

Music Reviews:

I try to show you that music is best when it’s treated as an art, not a formula that’s been proven to work.

I am most passionate about music, although it started out as just for fun.  Around age 16, I started writing lyrics to instrumentals to make my own remixes of artists songs for fun.  As time progressed, I’ve realized there is much more to music than lyrics over a beat.

I realized there is much more to it than half witty lyrics over a nice beat with the same a,b,a,b rhyme scheme…. I mean, that’s obviously a way to top charts, but those type of songs don’t leave the impact on me, or connect to me emotionally like a song conveying a strong message can.
I especially​ enjoy when it’s a complex rhyme scheme, to where I may have missed a double or triple entendre if I wasn’t paying attention.

I chose to review music as a way to spread this type of music to a wider audience. I feel like not enough people take the time to actually hear the meaning in some of the music they listen to, at the same time, there is a lot of music that people pass up, just because they judge it on the surface.

Tupac, for example, his fans know how poetic he is, but non-fans usually assume he only makes “Thug Music”

I’ve always felt that the industry needed more creative, meaningful, insightful.



Token Fills the Void in Rap

Token has been making a name for himself since he was 13, when he was already being compared to Eminem by thousands of YouTubers.

At age 16, a music video of his song “Exception” about self acceptance and standing up to bullying, went viral.  His career has taken off from there and has since hit an all-time high, with the help from his latest Mixtape “Eraser Shavings” (Which he even offered the option to download for FREE or pay for it), his single, “Doozy”.

His newest Single, “New Problems” highlights all of the problems he’s been facing since reaching a peak in his career that he never could imagine, from being backstabbed by a few people in the industry to the battle of emotions faced when meeting / feeling a connection with girls on the job.

The video is very simple, yet, effective. He is sitting in an elevator throughout the entire video. As it stops on each floor, he is getting handed more and more money, while becoming less happy.  The elevator finally reaches the top at the end and there is no exit, just a brick wall.  As money falls from the top of the screen (raining), he puts his head down.  He know has the fame and fortune that he set out to get, but at what cost?

Lil Wayne Threatens to Sue Martin Shkreli

The man who was first known for being “The douche that raised the cost of Daraprim (taken by AIDS and cancer patients) from $13.50 a pill to $750”

Martin Shkreli is now being called Hip-Hop’s Biggest Troll. Not only because of his recent decision to ignore Lil Wayne’s legal team’s advice, by streaming an unreleased song from Wayne’s Carter V album… His trolling goes back further than that.


Before Martin Shkreli bought exclusive ownership (claimed) of Lil Wayne’s album, The Carter 5, he also purchased Wu-Tang Clan’s unreleased album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin  for $2 Million. The album was originally not supposed to be released for 88 years, but Shkreli says he is never releasing it.

Martin Shkreli also tried to reach out to Kanye West before The Life of Pablo was released, to purchase exclusive ownership of the album for $10 Million.

Wayne has recently stated Carter 5 would soon get a proper release.