Awaiting his Pet Session on his little carpet fold (that he pulls up purposely to lay on it 😹 ) #Happy #Belated #Caturday #Sunday #cat #cute


He was so hesitant to plop and flop because of the wet ground, but he finally gave in and was like “OMG I can’t take it anymore!! I just have to… I have to…. *Plop!*” 😹😹😹😹 #MaxyBear #Cat #Cute #Majestic #Purrfect

Eminem – Revival (First Impression)

Eminem Revival Review

Eminem’s Revival tells a story from the beginning of the album, to the end. He opens up about events and feelings we haven’t heard about, from why his last few albums weren’t up to par to some (since he already felt like he’s “won the race”) to an apology song to an aborted child (River), to his regret of forcing his daughter, Hailie, into fame.

It’s what I’ve personally been waiting for since The Eminem Show

…. PLUS… Eminem released a remix of Chloraseptic ( Ft. 2 Chainz and a verse from Phresher ) which contains a brand new verse from Em, which he SPAZZES OUT harder than he did on The Warning (Mariah Carey diss), addressing the “critics” that have passed on the album only after seeing the track-list featuring mainly pop-stars.