Token Fills the Void in Rap

Token has been making a name for himself since he was 13, when he was already being compared to Eminem by thousands of YouTubers.

At age 16, a music video of his song “Exception” about self acceptance and standing up to bullying, went viral.  His career has taken off from there and has since hit an all-time high, with the help from his latest Mixtape “Eraser Shavings” (Which he even offered the option to download for FREE or pay for it), his single, “Doozy”.

His newest Single, “New Problems” highlights all of the problems he’s been facing since reaching a peak in his career that he never could imagine, from being backstabbed by a few people in the industry to the battle of emotions faced when meeting / feeling a connection with girls on the job.

The video is very simple, yet, effective. He is sitting in an elevator throughout the entire video. As it stops on each floor, he is getting handed more and more money, while becoming less happy.  The elevator finally reaches the top at the end and there is no exit, just a brick wall.  As money falls from the top of the screen (raining), he puts his head down.  He know has the fame and fortune that he set out to get, but at what cost?


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