Lil Wayne Threatens to Sue Martin Shkreli

The man who was first known for being “The douche that raised the cost of Daraprim (taken by AIDS and cancer patients) from $13.50 a pill to $750”

Martin Shkreli is now being called Hip-Hop’s Biggest Troll. Not only because of his recent decision to ignore Lil Wayne’s legal team’s advice, by streaming an unreleased song from Wayne’s Carter V album… His trolling goes back further than that.


Before Martin Shkreli bought exclusive ownership (claimed) of Lil Wayne’s album, The Carter 5, he also purchased Wu-Tang Clan’s unreleased album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin  for $2 Million. The album was originally not supposed to be released for 88 years, but Shkreli says he is never releasing it.

Martin Shkreli also tried to reach out to Kanye West before The Life of Pablo was released, to purchase exclusive ownership of the album for $10 Million.

Wayne has recently stated Carter 5 would soon get a proper release.


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