Logic’s “Everybody” is what rap needed


Rapper Logic, released his third album, “Everybody” on May 5th, 2017 and teases his next one might be his last.

The album highlights how he prevailed through the worst of both worlds (as a half Caucasian, half African American). Logic also gives us his own version of how the life cycle works, and what the point of “all of this” is.

Logic brings astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the album as the voice of God. There are several dialogs throughout the album, between God a character named “Adam”. We learn, along with Adam, what the meaning of Life is (according to the album’s theory). In short, the meaning of life is simply to life in the moment, appreciate the “now”, and treat others how you would treat yourself. It sounds as simple as can be, and those things have been said about life, many times before, but it’s deeper than that.

The theory this album presents about the meaning and cycle of life, is that the world that we (or you) live in, is designed for YOU. It also suggests that you have lived as (or will live as) everyone that has lived or will live in your world, and that you will not be able to grow until you have lived as every being in your world. Only once you have lived as every individual, walked in every shoe, experienced all the love and hate, will you be able to grow.


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